Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a blessed Resurrection Sunday!! I have a few minutes before everyone arrives for dinner so I thought I’d post our Easter outfits.

I have to say it pays to have almost everything prepped and done the day before!!  It has been a BUSY weekend to say the least. Good Friday Service, our church’s Hispanic Congregation Easter service Saturday night and of course Sunday morning service.

I’ve mentioned how I’ve been working on a project for the Hispanic Easter Service. Here is a picture of it in action:

The Ark of the Covenant

Our friend Dave built the wooden part, I made the cherubs and painted it.  It’s a true-size replica. If you’re wondering how the Ark fit in with the Easter story–well we had a veil tear in the holy place, Jesus as risen Lord and much more. It was AMAZING. We did it again this morning at the “American” service.  And we ‘ve been asked to do it again. I’m neither Latino but my ministry is supporting the “Breath of God” flag ministry. I’m so blessed and honored to be a part!

I tried to get a picture of the diva in her Easter outfit but she was having none of it this morning. She wanted to stay inside and snooze so this is what view I would get:

Her Majesty showing her displeasure

She finally cooperated for a moment:

Mr. Bill & KaeKae. Mr. Bill is sporting his Easter fur outfit.

Here is the outfit I wore to the Hispanic Service. The jacket only cost $6!!!

Jacket-Dialogue via Goodwill, Blouse via Dressbarn, Pants-Dressbarn via Goodwill, Scarf via Goodwill, Pin-Vintage, Purse-Vintage via Salvation Army

I was planning on wearing the dress I got for my daughter’s wedding but it was just too cold to rock sandals and chiffon sleeves this morning!!  This is a totally thrifted Easter outfit that only cost $15!! The skirt is totally on trend now-chiffon, pleated and midi-length.

Jacket-Investments via Goodwill, Top-JoneNewYork via Goodwill, Skirt-Alfred Dunner via Goodwill, Shoes-Hushpuppies via Goodwill, Purse-Vintage via Goodwill,
Belt via Thriftstore, Necklace-Vintage via Salvation Army

All in all it has been a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone else was, too!!  I have to say I am WHUPPED!!

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  1. Tamera, you just glow in these colorful outfits! You look lovely. Take a rest after your busy weekend, and enjoy a peaceful Monday. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Laura said:

    wow! great finds at goodwill!
    Love both your outfits (and the dog’s dress too!).
    Happy Easter!

  3. I kind of love the “rear view” doggie outfit photo. Adorable! I’m also crazy about that vintage purse! Very nice.

  4. The orange outfit is so great…good colors …and very elongating! Happy belated-Resurrection Sunday to you as well…HE IS RISEN INDEED!

  5. Sheila said:

    You look fabulous in orange, Tamera! Love little Ms. Kae’s Easter outfit!

  6. Serene said:

    Tamera, I just can’t even tell you how much I love the orange! Of course, I prefer to call it pumpkin, but I guess it’s orange just the same! LOL It just looks fabulous and what a great color on you! And I thought I was following you, but I realized I wasn’t because you’re on wordpress. So I’m manually putting you on my blog roll so I don’t miss a thing!! Hugs girly! ~ Serene

  7. Tamera, I’m loving the mixed prints of the floral jacket and black and white skirt. The Diva is super cute! I was wondering when she’d make another appearance. So glad your church service went well that you worked so hard on.

  8. Kristin said:

    I hope you had a beautiful Easter! Love the fur baby’s dress. Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!

  9. infopubs said:

    Such bright and cheery colors! And congratulations on winning the Marketplace gift certificate over on FrumpFactor. I got such a kick out of reading your name as the winner that I’m only a little jealous 🙂

  10. infopubs said:

    Hm, not sure why WordPress is using my “infopubs” account. That’s me, Louise.


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