Searing your retinas!

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this lovely evening?? The pollen count here in Maryland is the highest it’s been for this time in 13 years-and my sneezy nose and watery eyes can confirm that!!

Things are progressing on the project I’m doing for our church Easter program. Pictures to come soon! I’ve put good use of my Fine Arts degree with focus in multi-media sculpture to good use for this.

I spotted this blouse on the rack at Goodwill this week (well-how could I MISS it-lol) and fell in love with it! I adore bright colors and my motto is “If you can’t hide it-decorate it”. I’m finally dressing more as I am instead of hiding behind somber baggy clothes.

My co-workers all joked this blouse should’ve come with sunglasses because i was blinding them. I just laughed because i felt awesome in it!

Blouse-Chaps via Goodwill, Tshirt-Croft & Barrow via Kohls, Jeans-Lee rider via Walmart, Shoes-Liz Claiborne via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill

The tshirt from kohl’s was practically Goodwill prices. I had Kohl’s cash from some gift buying, a 30% off coupon and it was on sale. I got 2 Croft & Barrow Tshirts for $5.93. Can’t beat that with a stick!!

I am linking up with the awesome Tammy at Silverstyle for Trending through the Decades: Brights




  1. You are a doll! I didn’t even have to wear my shades but, as old as I am they are a preferable accessory! Thanks for clicking on over and Happy spring!

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