Shopped til I dropped

Hiya Blogland!!!  Hopefully Internet Explorer will behave itself today while I make this post. Yesterday it kept shutting off–UGH!! My outfit for church today is completely thrifted from the Goodwill for a total of $20!! Lot’s of complimentS! I’m hooking up with sweet Patti for Visible Monday #39 and the gals at Monday Mingle!

SagHarbor jacket, Lane Bryant skirt, Notations blouse, Madden Girl shoes, Thrifted belt, purse and scarf

Vintage pin and dogwood earrings

Anyhow–as promised here’s pictures of the goodies I got at the Goodwill outlet this week. All of this for under $25!!! (everything is 1/2 price)

CJBanks Jacket-love the red roses and sage green!

CJBanks lined trousers

Eddie Bauer Cotton embroidered sweater--I fell in love with the minty aqua and orange color combo

Notations crinkle shell

Navy Alfred Dunner pencil skirt

Black Apt.9 poplin blouse

Dialogue aqua brocade jacket

Liz Claiborne argyle cardigan

Liz Claiborne giraffe print cardigan

Cathy Daniels cardigan. This had a shell attached that I cut out to make it more wearable.

Jones New York Tshirt

I think I have too many clothes–LOL. I need an intervention!!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness, you scored a mini-wardrobe this week, Tamera – great finds! Your combos of teal and rose/red/pink will be wonderful for spring and summer. thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  2. You shopping maniac, you! You’ll have so much fun playing with all these new pieces. Love the cheery greens.

  3. Great stuff! It seems I can’t walk in a thrift store without buying something. But how can we resist when there’s things like theses for pennies?

  4. The green in your outfit looks so good on you. I am telling you I haven’t found that much good stuff at thrift in all my trips ever! Lucky you.

  5. OMGosh! What a shopping spree!!
    Love the jacket & the matching scarf on you!! Yay, spring!!

  6. Kristin said:

    $20? Wow! That’s some seriously good bargain hunting!

  7. Lisa said:

    Love the green color you’re wearing. So fresh!
    What a great thrifting haul. Love that giraffe print coral colored cardigan. I’m craving this color lately. I thrifted today and walked away with only 4 pieces, but one of them was a coral top. I’m saving my big spring thrifting extravaganza till next month for my birthday. Yippee! 🙂

  8. meganzietz said:

    Great finds, I’m personally loving that blazer you’re wearing.

  9. love the scarf, and the belt just pulled everything together. Great job. REally like the pin. Very pretty.

  10. Great job thrifting! Sometimes your the bug and sometimes the windshield. You were certainly the windshield this trip out!

  11. Beryl said:

    Those Dogwood earrings are wonderful. Are they glass? The Dialogue Aqua Jacket and the CJ Banks one are terrific.
    NCIS was fun tonight! Glad to find another fan.

  12. LeeAnn said:

    Oh my goodness! I never thought to cut the shell out. Any details on how to do that?

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