Little Violets peeping up

Hello Blogland on this glorious spring day!!! I saw my first violets today. Oh how I just love them. Did you know the white and purple ones are also known as Confederate Violets?? I have no idea why but my grandfather told me this as a child. He also loved violets and had large areas of his lawn covered in them that he wouldn’t mow until violet time was past.

Speaking of violets-it brings to mind a bit of a poem I wrote in the 4th grade. It even was published in our town newspaper!!

Little Violets peeping up

Opening each purple cup

In the field, on the lawn

Dancing in the light of dawn

There’s more to it but I can’t remember!! I was in such a violet mood I broke out an outfit to celebrate!

Top-Dressbarb, Pants-Dockers via Goodwill, Vintage Scarf via Goodwill, Shoes via Kmart, Vintage purse via Goodwill

The scarf is Burinel, its silk and has the sweetest violets on it.  I got the blouse a couple of years ago on the clearance rack at the Dressbarn outlet. I brought a purple, aqua, apple green and coral one.  They were a bit too tight so I hadn’t worn them until recently and now they are getting a tad too big!!! I can take them in a bit to get more wear out of them.

I stopped by the Goodwill Outlet yesterday. It’s only clothes and everything is 50% off. They bring in stuff from all of the regional Goodwills so I get to shop stuff from stores not local!! I made a made a MEGA score and will be sharing pictures tomorrow!!!

Everyone have a wonderful evening!!!



  1. The violets are gorgeous. I really like your poem from 4th grade too – so sweet-sounding. Have a great weekend!

  2. Awwww, that poem is so cute…. and so is your outfit! Believe it or not, the flowering trees are blooming up here in New England, too. Unheard of, this early! Now we are all praying that we don’t get another frost….

  3. Kristin said:

    Violets are one of my favorite flowers! They remind me of my Nana!

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