Looking like an Easter Basket

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this GORGEOUS spring day????  I decided to wear pastels since it’s so nice and of my male co-workers said I looked like an Easter Basket. O-k. Not exactly the look I was going for but whatever! The gals I ran into today loved the look.  One lady I had a meeting with about the renovation of her building was stunned that (aside from undies, jewels,  and shoes) the whole outfit was from the Goodwill and came in under $11 including the purse. She’s new to the area so I clued her in to the finer shopping locations. (She doesn’t wear my size so no competition for the goodies!)

My outfit was inspired by an outfit I saw in InStyle Magazine a couple of months ago. I get InStyle, Lucky, and the People Style mags. Itear out the pages of stuff I like. Heck, I’ve torn pages out of Better Homes and Gardens because something inspired me fashion-wise. You never know where inspiration can come from!

Here’s the picture of the inspiration:

Jacket-SagHarbor via Goodwill, Tshirt-StJohnsBay via Goodwill, Pants-CJBanks via Goodwill, Jewels-gift, Purse-Fossil via Goodwill($4) Shoes-Croft & Barrow via Kohls (big discount!!)

I had to go to the Home Depot after work today-which is CONVENIENTLY right near a Goodwill. Since my car has autopilot to thrift stores I had to stop in.  Glad I did because I scored a couple of goodies!!!

Groovy vintage 1960's silver lame purse in pristine condition-$3

I also scored another pair of shoes since I so DESPERATELY NEED MORE SHOES!!!!!  I love this color and wear lots of it so these will get mucho wear this summer.

Barely worn Lime Green Lifestyle Sandals-$4

I’m looking at all of my summer shoes and it’s looking like I’m going to need an intervention soon. The best part is I’ve probably spent less in total for all my shoes then some folks pay for one pair!! AND I have tons of good name brands like Dockers and Hushpuppy and Steve Madden!! So I consider it cheap fun!

Well–off to peruse the new Instyle Mag!!! I’ll be back blogging Wednesday nite. I have school tomorrow nite so I’ll be kinda tied up. There is NOTHING more exciting than a class on the International Energy Conservation Code!!!!

I’m linking up with Monday Mingle  and Silverstyles Trending with the Decades:Pastels and EverybodyEverywhere:Pastels

Have a great evening!!



  1. You are a corker! I think you are old enough to remember that phrase! thanks so much for stopping by and showing how you style your pastels! Blogging is just plain fun.

  2. Sherry said:

    I love your outfit, Tamera! Green and pink are my favorite color combinations. You don’t look like an Easter basket at all but you do look like Spring which is especially appropriate today. Happy First Day of Spring!

  3. I could not help but run to my nearest Goodwill after seeing the load of goodies you found.

  4. meagan said:

    I love that pink jacket. So cool. And that silver bag too. Hope you’ll stop by tomorrow and link up your finds on my thrifting link up!

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