Incognito for a few days!

Hello Blogland!! I’ve been invisible the last few days. I came down with a nasty case of strep throat (haven’t had it since high school!) and have been laying low this past week! I’ve got to get caught up with everyone’s blogs!

Since my pajama’s aren’t exactly anything I want to show off I decided to post pictures of a couple a thrift buys I recently scored.  I missed my thrift shop fix this past week!

Jaclyn Smith Linen Tunic via Goodwill for $4


Close-up of print-it's hot pink and orange-like Dunkin Donuts!

Harve Bernard linen tunic. I got it for $4 at the Goodwill and it still had the tags on it(price tag was snipped off, though)

Close-up of print. The colors are actually more vibrant and yellow-tinged.

I’m planning on making some cropped pants for this spring and summer. I’ve found some gorgeous colored denim at Joanns I think will work well. The pink and orange top would look great over all white–which I NEVER would do. I’m thinking wearing it over crop pants and a tank top in natural linen color or a warm brown. I’ve also found denim in orange that matches and will work with my wardrobe. The Harve shirt would work with olive or turquoise pants and tank top. I can’t wait for summer now to wear them!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Off to see what everyone’s been wearing!





  1. Lisa said:

    So sorry to hear you’re under the weather with strep throat. 😦 A speedy recovery to you.
    Love the new thrifted tunics. You have such a good eye for choosing fantastic colors.

  2. So sorry you’ve been sick — hope you feel better soon. Those cheerful prints should lift your mood!

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