Teach them well!

Hello Blogland!!!  We are having a dreary rainy day here in MD!!!

I asked for and received cash for my birthday so I could do some serious thrifting. Today I hit up all four of the thrifts here in Frederick (3 Goodwill, 1 Salvation Army) on the way home. I spent a total of 36.50 and still have money left!!

The coolest part was, since I’m a “regular”, the staff recognizes me. I was in the Goodwill Last Chance Outlet and one of the ladies I know ( I’ll call her Ms. Sue)asked if what I was wearing today was thrifted. I told her everything but my underwear and shoes!

There were these two young girls–maybe 18-20 going thru the racks near-by.  Ms. Sue pointed me out to them and told them my outfit was thrifted. The girls came over and complimented me on it. They told me it was their first time in a Goodwill.  I gave them some pointers on how to shop–like look at EVERYTHING one size up from your regular and one size down at least. I told them how I’ve found brand new items with the tags on and name brand stuff for next to nothing. I also said since they were “regular sized” they would have far more choices.

Then I showed them what was in my cart. I had a croc Tommy Hilfger purse, a Fossil purse, a tan poplin Old Navy blazer, an aqua cotton knit Lands End cardigan, a CJBanks red with white polka dots cardigan, and a black with white stripes Liz Claiborne cotton sweater. Total coast: $26

They were amazed and when I was checking out they were loading up a cart excitedly with stuff to try on! Think I made some converts there!!

I also picked up at the other thrifts the following: A brand new Vera Wang LS Tshirt, a quilted floral Alfred Dunner jacket,  a green gingham Liz Claiborne blouse, a pair of Danelle leather sandals and a Luvali purse. This purse is really COOL. It kiwi green and brown paisley–but you can zip the cover off and reverse it to a kiwi, tan & brown stripe. It will be great for Spring and Summer!!

Today I gravitated back to my valentine’s day’s outfits colors–red and brown. There is a tiny red stripe in the plaid of the pants.  I managed to dump yogurt down my front today so I’m not sure if the stain will come out of my top. Oh well it was only $1.50.

Top-White Stag via Goodwill, Pants-Geoge via Goodwill, Vest-thrifted

Note my “angelic” pose with my egg-lo!!!

Y’all have a wonderful evening!!


  1. Wow! You really cleaned Up! I don’t think I’ve managed to convert anybody yet. Whenever I mention at work that I got my clothes at the thrift store, silence falls over the crowd. I think they feel sorry for me! LOL!

  2. Lisa said:

    I just wanna high five ya for giving those young girls such great thrifting tips. haha
    I’m a “spiller” and I don’t think I could ever buy regular priced clothing again because I’d be horrified to know I ruined a $50 blouse. $1.50, eh, I might be a little heartbroken if I really liked it, but at least my pocketbook wouldn’t be crying.

  3. Beryl said:

    Egg-lo – I just got it! Pretty funny. Good advice to check all the sizes near the size you want.

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