Autumn colors on the cheap!!!

Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!!! I stopped into the Goodwill in town after church as usual (I seem to be a regular there on Sunday afternoons–the staff recognizes me!!) Scored some more goodies I’ll be sharing in the next weeks. It’s so much FUN to come home with 2 bags FULL of clothes for under $15!! Who needs the mall??? I got a pair of Lane Bryant navy & white pinstripe trousers, a pair of never-worn Cabin Creek red wedge sandals, a white Apostrophe 3/4 sleeve blouse, A dark red & white striped Jones New York long sleeve tshirt, a butter yellow White Stag 3/4 sleeve tshirt, a celery & white striped Venezia 3/4 sleeve Tshirt, a black with white pin dots slinky knit tank top and best of all a stunning Harve Bernard teal and kiwi green printed linen tunic blouse.

Our resident doggie fashionista is sporting a new outfit today (Ross is the best for dog couture on the cheap) It’s a little hoodie that says “Royal Diva Society” “Cutie Club”  I had a hard time getting her to hold still–she kept prancing around!

It's all about ME!!!!

My outfit was 100% thrifted–even the shoes!! The total cost was $14. Got loads of compliments both at church and in the thrift store. One lady commented she didn’t realize you could dress so stylish from the Goodwill. I encouraged her that you just have to be willing to LOOK at everything to see the potential. Heaven knows I am sporting brands I’ve never worn or considered in the past.

Jacket-CJBanks, Tshirt-Jones New York, Pants-DressBarn, Shoes-Bandolino, Purse-Vintage Everything is from the Goodwill

Wow-it looks like I’m sporting some kind of weird bird egg halo in this picture-LOLOL!!

Thrifted Jewelry--the ivory one is carved bone roses

I’ll be linking up as usual with Patti for Visible Monday #35. and Monday Mingle!

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!! Anyone watching the Oscars?? Considering I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated I may just watch the Red Carpet. It amazes me how these celebrities with all that money and stylists can look so AWFUL!!!



  1. You are an official thrifting *goddess* now, Tamera – I love the color combination you are sporting here (I did think for a fleeting moment that you had a rather, um, unusual hat : > ) Thanks so much for sharing in Visible Monday.

  2. Sherry said:

    Tamera, I just found your blog today (came over from Visible Monday), and Wow! I have enjoyed my visit so much. I have gone back through your whole blog and enjoyed all the posts. I love how you put together outfits from new and thrifted items. You are very good at blending just the right items and I’ve learned a lot from you already. I’ve always shyed away from belts but you’ve inspired me to try them again. I only have two, but that’s a start. The best thing about your style is your wonderful smile. You even wear that beautiful smile on the days you are in pain.

    Your picture and blog title is what caught my eye at Visible Monday. (I thought the wreath was a crown and came over to see what it was about. 🙂 Your blog title drew me because we seem to be at the same stage in our lives (I am 52 and also menopausal.) I signed up to follow you by email and look forward to all your posts. It’s very nice to meet you!

  3. yes! the egg halo! LOVE!!!!!
    I think you should style an outfit to coordinate with it.

    The print on your jacket is very interesting… would love a close-up.

    Found you from Visible Monday. Woohoo!

  4. You are the Queen of GoodWill! Way to go! Love the colors! I hope you’ll think this is funny, but I DO wear reading glasses. When I first saw your little thumbnail at Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday post, I thought you were wearing some kind of green hair rollers out de house, and that was super fashion forward! 😛

  5. Great thrifting, Tamera! I love autumn colors…all year long really! Your best accessory is that gorgeous smile!!

  6. Lisa said:

    Wow, you look amazing!! (Forgive me if I say that in every comment about your style that I make…can’t help myself. And it’s truth fact.)
    And the brightness of your smile rivals the vibrant colors in your top. You just look so happy it’s infectious.
    I agree with Patti…. I hereby egg crown you The Thrifting Goddess….for sure.

  7. Louise said:

    I’m so glad you mentioned the egg crown, because my first thought was, “Wow, I don’t think I would have paired that blue with the orange…OMG, *what* is on her head!?!?”

    Tamera, I love that you can laugh at yourself and keep the photo up. I’m guessing you are tons of fun to hang out with 😀

    Love the layers of necklaces, so chic.

  8. annie vanderven said:

    loved the carved rose beads

    Annie v.

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