Cherries on top!!

Hello Blogland!! Happy Washington’s Birthday!! (For those of us who remember when his and lincoln’s were celebrated separately!!) Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I sure am glad it’s “hump day”!! I have been sp busy at work and I am plum tuckered out when I get home!

In celebration of Geo. Washington I pulled out this cute purse with cherries on it for today. Got quite a few compliments, too.  Todays outfit (minus underclothes, shoes and earrings) cost all of $13 thrifted!!!

Pants-Lane Bryant, Blouse-Notations, Sweater-George, Scarf-Vintage Echo, Shoes-Comfortview

Here’s a close-up of the purse:

I made a great score at the Goodwill yesterday!! Got an adorable rust/brown/gold print CJBanks jacket for $3 and a red bandana print denim Charter Club jacket for $4!!! Watch for them in the next couple of weeks.

Well–off to pack my lunch for tomorrow and watch American Idol. Y’all have a great evening!



  1. Fun purse! I wonder if kids are still taught the cherry tree story? You and I will never forget it, of course! Have a lovely evening : >

  2. I have this fantasy where I find a great jacket, thrifted. One of these days, I hope! Congrats.

  3. Hello Tamera Kitten! this is recordhound! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday – it is TODAY! Feb. 23. I remember each year but don’t always wish you happy birthday. Hope your day was wonderful and I HOPE you did NOT go to work on your birthday ! I clicked on the only link I saw on your blog. I have a facebook page but I don’t really know what it’s about or what to do with it, or what Facebook is about really, even though I saw “Social Network”. Man am I behind the times!

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