I’m Pasty and Proud!!!

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this beautiful Sunday!!!!

Dear Readers-don’t worry!!! I only went to the tanning salon for less than a month. I am going to try the suggestion of the Jergens self tanner on my legs. I’ll start practicing now while they are covered so I’ll look cute for our daughters wedding in May. Three months from tomorrow!!! Gearing up into crazy time!

Miss Kae decided to rock her alpine look this week:

Look how cute she is with her tongue sticking out!

I’m going to catch up with some outfits from the last couple of days!!  When male engineers notice how cute you look,  you are on the right track!!

Thursday's Outfit- 75% Thrifted! T-shirt is Jones New York--love this brand for its quality and fit!

Friday's Outfit-75% Thrifted. The jacket is a taupe & cream snake print denim. The blouse is Izod. The necklace is vintage.

Saturday's Outfit-100% Thrifted. The shoes are brand-new Clarks ($3). The purse is a Mat & Nate Montreal--love the color!

Clarks wedge-heel Maryjanes--thrifted for $3 and never worn!!

I am so glad I am off tomorrow after the crazy that was last week!!! I’m going to be baking 10 loaves of chocolate chip pound cake for our church’s street outreach this week and getting some more alterations done.
Oh yeah–weight loss update–down another 2.2 lbs for a total of 32.6 since Thanksgiving!! WOO HOO!!
Tonite is the Christmas Special/Season finale of Downton Abbey. Anyone else been watching? The clothes are just oo fabulous for words!
Everyone have a wonderful evening!


  1. Beryl said:

    Hi Tamera! I love that scarf and really want to know where I can get one just like it. Right colors and right length. I ususally go to Target for my scarves, since I like the oblong style. You look very cute in all these outfits. The colorful purses are just the right touch. (But anytime I see a yellow purse, I’m happy!)

  2. WendyB said:

    Adorable doggy…

    And I’m pasty too!

  3. Matt & Nat is a really high-quality brand, Debbi – do you know what they sell for new?? I’ve seen them at consignment stores for up of $70! I do have a M&N bag that I paid $4.00 for, though, hee hee.

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