Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello Blogland!! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!! Quick post before I spend some time with my hubby!

The hubster surprised me at work first thing this morning with a cup of Dunkin iced coffee (we work in the same place).  I was meeting with the guys from the Dept. of Energy before we started our tour of the buildings when he brought it to me and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. The guys all looked at me funny! I told them that it wasn’t some random dude bringing me coffee but that was my husband. LOLOL.  He also had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers waiting on my desk when I got back into the office this afternoon. I am truly blessed!!

I tried to get a picture of Miss KaeKae in her Valentine’s outfit but she just refused to look at the camera. Such is the life of a diva!! She was in a “mood”.

Here she is modeling her outfit!

Pink and red on the catwalk:

Pants: Brown glen plaid with a stripe of red via Goodwill

Tshirt via One Stop Plus.com. It’s now too big so will need altering!

Cardigan via Dressbarn

Brown croc belt via Thift Store. Belts 2 days in a row!!! I used it to help make the tshirt fit a bit better

Shoes: brown Predictions via Payless

Scarf via ACMoore Crafts

Pin via Goodwill

Pink Purse via Goodwill

I’m linking up with the Every Body Every Wear Pink & Red Challenge!

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!



  1. Debbi said:

    Very nice outfit. I really like the way you tied the scarf. Pretty touch!
    Your doggie looks really cute!

  2. Donna said:

    The scarf just sets off your outfit. You had a very good Valentine’s Day indeed. The look on your dog’s face cracks me up. Good thing you don’t speak Chi.

  3. It’s a toss up as to whose outfit is cutest, yours or the diva’s! LOL Glad you had a good day.

  4. Well don’t you look festive! You outfit is perfect both for the holiday a day of work.
    You sound like you have a very special Man!
    Hope your day was great.

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