Hey it’s a BELT!!!

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone this lovely Monday?? Work was nuts as usual. We have a bunch of Energy guys here this week surveying buildings on the post for energy conservation measures and I’m working with them. Tomorrow I take them  on a field trip to visit the buildings to do assessments. Sounds exciting I’m sure!! It’s gonna be a LONG week!

I have conquered my belt-phobia!!! I found a couple thin croc ones at the thrift and decided to take the plunge! I’m happy to say it worked out ok. Granted it didn’t give me a wasp waist but it did add some definition.  Now I will be on the hunt for more belts.

Belting down the catwalk:

Pants: Liz Claiborne black and white plaid via Goodwill

Blouse: Rust floral print Dresssbarn via Goodwill

Sweater: Dressbarn I think

Belt: Thrifted for 50 cents!!

Shoes: Black Thom McCan loafers via Kmart

Jewels: Copper pin made by me, Copper swirl earrings via unknown–they drove me crazy so they are in the give-away box

I’m linking up with the wonderful Patti at Visible Monday and with Monday Mingle!!!

Off to prep some short ribs for the crockpot tomorrow!





  1. Yes, you did the belt thing just right, IMHO! This looks great, Tamera, and the red blouse is a wonderful color for you. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. Shayla said:

    Hey Doll – looking snazzy! I recently overcame a belt phobia but will only wear them UNDER a cardigan w/ a layered look so you’re much braver than I! Looks fab!

  3. Good luck with the belt hunt. Yours looks great. I’ve been giving them a go myself after a 20+ refrain.

  4. Glamamom said:

    Wow, $.50? Amazing. Yeah, it’s simple but accessories really change the overall look of an outfit. Cinching the waist breaks up the look. I don’t wear too many belts bc I HATE my hips. But I love skinny belts higher up.

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