Keepin’it REAL

Hello Blogland! Happy Thursday!! (today is my Friday-YAY)

I’m not particularly stylish or cute today. Woke up with a nasty migraine and went in to work late. I’m clean and clothed!!! I’m going to be spending quality time in mangy sweats Friday and Saturday doing stuff around the house. I love to have time to “putter”!

I kinda took up The FrumpFactor’s challenge and am posting a picture of my side of the closet. Looking at it-wow do I like bright colors!!! Especially greens, aquas/turquoises and corals!!!! Like I said – I can’t hide it so I might as well decorate it!!! I’ve also noticed I love me some prints!

Clean and clothed on the catwalk:

Jean: Grey denim Westport via Dressbarn

Sweater: Roaman’s- it’s really getting baggy but today I just DID NOT CARE

Vest: Thrifted and remade from cardigan into vest by me

Shoes: Danskin  Sneakers via Walmart

Earrings: Faux diamond studs via Walmart

I like the photo sizing feature where I can make myself taller and thinner. How I wish I had that power in real life!

And here’s the closet:

That sliver of orange on the far left is this adorable jacket I thrifted last week for $2.50. I’ve got plans for it next week!! I would hazard a guess that 80% of what you see is thrifted.

Well–off to peruse the new Instyle magazine for more inspiration!

Y’all have a great evening!





  1. oooh, all-white hangers, all in the same direction, very nice!! And I see you do love color – bravo for you!

  2. Louise said:

    Oh, Tamera, I recognize the look on your face. I get migraines, too, and I’ve seen that look in the mirror! I hope you’re feeling better today!

    Now I have to ask: do you pronounce your name like it rhymes with “camera” or Tah-MER-ah?

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