Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty

Hello Blogland!!!  How is everyone this lovely but snowy (in MD) evening??

I just purchased my first copy of “Lucky” magazine. I never but fashion mags cuz there is nothing I’d be interested in but this one had lots of inspiration. Think I’m going to make a binder to start putting stuff I find in mags in.

I now have a leopard skirt and a yellow blouse on my look-for list.

Everything in today’s outfit except my undies and earrings were thrifted. Total cost was $16 and i received lots of compliments!

Thrifty on the catwalk:

You can see the tweedy texture of the jacket (it has yellow, lavender, green and aqua threads running in it) and a bit of my aqua gingham shirt here. The pins are all vintage and thrifted.

Well–off to make dinner!! Have a great evening!



  1. Wow, I especially like that jacket. Nice find! (Cute little froggy, too). And yes — a leopard skirt DOES have a certain appeal, doesn’t it?

  2. “Lucky” magazine is a good one. I like “In Style” and “Glamor” too. They seem a little more down to earth “Vogue” and “Bazaar” are some times just too crazy a feature stuff I wouldn’t be caught dead in. Did you say leopard??? Now you’re talkin’

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