Glittery SNAKE

Hello Blogland!!! how is everyone this lovely Thursday???? I will be SO glad when 3pm tomorrow comes around. It’s been one of “those” weeks, if you know what I mean!

I was looking over my current wardrobe and it would actually be more of a challenge to wear something NOT thrifted!!! LOLOLOL My personal style is changing and refining as I’ve been losing weight and getting inspired by all of you fabulous fashion and style bloggers. I’m finding I LOVE pairing  a jacket and blouse with my jeans to give it a more dressy look. Plus I’ve thrifted several pairs of dress pants (these are much easier to alter as I lose weight)  My co-workers have definitely (well the ladies in the business office, my male engineer coworkers not so much-but you have to SEE how they dress to understand!) noticed and complimented. They are really amazed by the things I’m finding at the thrifts.

One thing I spent a bit of time lately doing was an assessment of several items I seem to never wear or rarely wear because for whatever reason they don’t “work”. I found a great tool in helping me is to put on the item and take my picture front view, side view and rear view. I then download them to my laptop and spend time really looking at them. I’ve found it helps me identify whether the proportion is wrong for my body, it’s too big/small somewhere, and other factors. I then do some pinning, etc. to see if I could alter/change it to make it work and retake my picture. THIS has really opened my eyes. I have to say I now have MORE stuff to alter and I just put a pile of stuff in the bin in the basement that I just can’t make work.

I also took some pix of me in items I wear a lot/love to see if I could identify what it was about them that made them more wearable. That’s helping me look for stuff with those characteristics and to alter what I have to have them. It takes a little bit of time but I can heartily suggest it’s time well spent!

Anyway–on to snakes!! I cut my feet off in the pix because I decided to change my shoes after I took it. I thrifted a brand new never worn pair of Clarks Maryjane wedges yesterday for $5.24 and I wanted to wear them today–but found out I needed some heel grips. Watch for them at a later date cuz they are super cute!!!!

Slithering down the catwalk:


Pants: Brown Glen Plaid George Trousers via Goodwill

Blouse: Coral fitted via Dressbarn

Sweater: Unknown brand via Goodwill  The picture doesn’t show it but it has gold lurex horizontal stripes running through it. AWESOMENESS!

Shoes:Brown leather with gold strips woven in

Jewels: Necklace via Goodwill, Earrings via Walmart

This outfit was SO comfortable!!! I’m already thinking of other ways to style the sweater!

Y’all have a great evening–The hubster is in school tonite until 10pm so I’m off to do some sewing before American Idol. I love me some Steven Tyler!! He certainly has his own style and isn’t afraid to express it!



  1. Donna said:

    What a great sweater! I hope we see it styled other ways before Spring arrives. Although it has been 60 degrees here in Indianapolis, which is nice for all the Super Bowl fans. With the warmer temps, it feels like Spring .

  2. Paula said:

    Love the red on you~and you always are so cheery!

  3. Louise said:

    OK, I’ve been seeing a lot of coral/tangerine/orange around the Style Blogosphere. I guess it is a big color for this spring. And I’ve been thinking, “No one looks good in that color.” It looks terrible on me, and the blog that I read just before yours shows Mrs. Obama wearing it and it looks lousy on her.

    But, it looks GREAT on you!!! How trendy and lucky for you! So you must be officially the “It” blogger for Spring 2012! 🙂

    And I love that jacket. Animal prints are true neutrals in my book: they go with everything. I think it is the mix of black and browns that makes everything else just blend in well.

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