Lime Green Fun!!

Hello Blogland!!!! Happy Monday to everyone!!

You can probably tell that I like greens and blues. Aqua and Lime green are my favorite colors! My glasses frames are even an olive metallic. And they work with red hair!!!

Speaking of glasses- a co-worker (male) stared at me for a bit this morning then asked if I got new glasses. LOLOL..our other co-worker (also male) said no you idiot she got a hair cut and colored it red. Yeah–new glasses. Whatever!

I’ve almost got my alteration/refashion pile completed. Just gotta hand-hem a pair of pants tonite and take in a blouse and I’m DONE. Of course until I thrift some more stuff…lololol. I’ve pretty much altered everything I had that I could to make it less dumpy and frumpy.

Accenting my new glasses (LOL) on the catwalk:

Jeans: Lee Rider stretch Bootcut via Walmart. I had on another pair of thrifted Mossimo jeans that were a bit too big. I need to put a bit of elastic in the back waistband .

Tshirt: Dressbarn via Dressbarn Clearance for $9.99!

Jacket: CJBanks Lime Denim via Goodwill for $3.00!!!  I had to shorten the sleeves and take the sides in a bit to shape it but I LOVE it!!

Shoes: Forgot to take a picture–Thom McCan pewter loafers via Kmart

Jewels: Hoop earrings via Walmart, Pin via Joanns

Well-gotta get off here and make some dinner!






  1. Donna said:

    What a cute outfit! Love all components…especially the graphic tee…

  2. Louise said:

    The new ‘do is really flattering. I love that it is “wash and wear!”

    Your green jacket is inspiring me to alter one I have that is a similar shape but different color. It also needs nipping in and something done to the sleeves to keep it from being so boxy. If you can make your green one look that good, maybe I have a chance with mine!

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