Green and blue and thrifted!

Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone is having a super weekend.

The new do is a hit with the family and friends. My hubby LOVES me as a redhead. My natural hair color (which hasn’t been seen since like 1976–I started greying at 16) is a reddish-brown and I have pale redhead coloring. This is just the natural color amped up a bit. The cut is SUPER easy to care for–almost wash and go. And for someone who HAS to wash their hair every morning (at 5am) that’s a plus!

I scored this jacket at the mission the same time I got the olive suede skirt. It fit PERFECTLY, had all my favorite colors and was $3.50. It practically had my name on it. I got tons of compliments on it at church today. I had planned to wear a steel-blue blouse I hadn’t worn in a while but it was TOO BIG!!! YAY to that. Into the box in the basement it’s going (can’t be altered).

I’ll be hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday!

Lookin’ cute on the catwalk:

Jean: Olive denim Liz Claiborne via Catherines

Blouse: Lime Green fitted Via Dressbarn

Jacket: Tog Shop via Hagerstown Rescue Mission

Shoes: Olive Ballet Comfortview flats via Roamans

Scarf: Goodwill

Jewels: Earrings via Dressbarn, Pin thrifted  via  Hagerstown Rescue Mission

My futures so bright I gotta wear shades!!! (I had just come in from taking the dogs out)

I’m challenging myself to wear at least one item of thrifted clothing per outfit this week! Anyone wanna join me???

Have a great Monday!







  1. Lovely color combination, Tamera – you done real good at the thrift store! I’ll take your challenge but to be honest, it’s an easy one for me : > You look bright and happy and very fine. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. Donna said:

    Very pretty…love the blue and green…you gave me some ideas for styling my green flats.

  3. Kim,USA said:

    I love these different hues of green on you. You look gorgeous! And that smile is contagious. Happy Sunday!


  4. I love your red hair, Tamera! I have wanted to go red so many times just for the fun of it! Your scarf is gorgeous and will be a great piece for spring and summer! You look lovely!

  5. Ana said:

    I love blue and green together so much! It looks especially wonderful with your red hair. And yay, for thrifted treasures!

  6. Vanessa said:

    This is a really cute way to wear two prints. It just screams “SRPING!”

  7. Terri said:

    Hi, Tamera. I’m here from Visible Monday. These blues and greens are beautiful and I’ve heard they will be a popular combination this spring. My mother was a red head too, but I didn’t inherit any of it.

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