Re-evaluating your wardrobe pieces

Hello Blogland!!! how is everyone today?? It’s another cold, rainy day here in Maryland.  Ugh…I hate 35 degree rain. I’d rather it snow if it’s going to be that cold.

I’ve found one of the benefits of having this blog is the opportunity to look back over pictures and see what does/doesn’t work. Case in point the tan “Fisherman” vest I wore yesterday. When I really studied the picture of me wearing it I realized it makes me look bigger and dumpier than I am. I contrasted that with a picture of me in just the sweater and concluded it was the vest. I tried pinning it in on the sides to see if that might help. Nope–still looked dumpy. So I spent some time last night trying on stuff and taking my picture so I could evaluate the pieces in question. Needless to say I have several things, the fisherman vest included, that I’m packing in the rubbermaid tub in the basement.  I’m going to continue this process as I lose weight. The camera doesn’t lie!!!

I am still feeling a bit under the weather so my style choices are kinda mundane. Funny thing is I still got compliments on how put together I was. And I felt a bit shlumpy!!!!

Shlumping down the catwalk:



Jeans: Tan Liz Claiborne denim via Catherines

Sweater: Purple mock turtle via Roamans

Shoes: Brown leather Predictions via Payless-you’ve seen these a lot. These are my general work shoes.

Scarf: Goodwill

Pin: Thrifted at the Rescue Mission Store. I just love the colors in this!




You know, with evaluating these pics I’ve noticed I look maniacally cheery at 5:30 am.

Big reveal next post. I’ve gotten my hair cut shorter and I’m dying it RED tonite!!




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