Lazy monday sewing

Hello blogland!! I’m on the last day of a four-day weekend and NO ONE, trust me, wants to see what ratty items I’ve been wearing. I’ve been inside cleaning, organizing and sewing.

I wore this outfit to church  French Chic but other than that it’s been sweats and tees.

I do, however, have some fashion cuteness to share. Miss KaeKae will be starring in my  submission to Patti at Not Dead Yet’s Visible Monday. She is 8 lbs of chihuahua divaliscousness and a well-known fashionista here in town. (she has a FAN CLUB) Today she is mellowing out in a sweater but wanted to share one of her more fashion-forward ensembles.

Dress: LuluPink via Walmart

Jewels: Princess Collar via Walmart, Heart Diva Name tag via Petsmart.

Yes, she’s POSING! She loves the camera!

I’ve been working on altering some of my thrift finds and other clothes. I’ve lost a bit of weight and things were HANGING!! I have narrow shoulders so I often have to take them up. I also am putting princess seaming in some blouses to make them more fitted.

I am SO thankful I paid attention those three years of Home Ec in middle school.  I also  took Sewing as an elective in high school. My mother didn’t sew, but I learned hand sewing and machine sewing on a treadle machine from my grandmother and great-grandmother. To say it’s come in handy would be an understatement!! I worked for a time in a fabric store and made a lot of the store samples. I was lucky to work for a few months at a custom suit manufacturer in the alterations department. (had a friend who worked there and they were look for a six month temp while someone was out)  I soaked up everything I could from the older ladies. Seam ripper is your friend!!!

I’ve done custom sewing-apparel, alterations, and home dec and made TONS of clothes for my daughter (who’s now 25) when she was little-including coats. did some costuming for local ballet companies and of course apparel and home decor for me. All of the curtains in my house I made.

Thant’s not to say I don’t SCREW UP!! In fact, I was resetting some sleeves in a thrifted jacket Saturday and put one on backwards. Quality time with the seam ripper ensued. I’ve learned more from my mistakes and disasters then my successes!

Being able to sew allows me to refashion stuff and do my own alterations. Buying an inexpensive sewing machine and learning to sew can save you lots of money! It’s a good investment in making your own style! to make a cute thrifted skirt into a pencil skirt!



  1. That is one adorable doggie. She looks like she loves the attention too : > It’s so great that you can alter and customize your clothing. I’d love to be able to make a regular skirt into a pencil skirt, for example. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

  2. Paula said:

    Awww–such a cute doggie!

    I sew also–I have since I was 10 or so. Lately tho, I just cant seem to make a whole outfit. Dunno. I’ll change and alter anothe item, but I’ve had this material cut out for a skirt for a year now and still havent sewn it!

    Kudos to you for getting to it!

  3. Donna said:

    Your little doll baby is so cute! I admire your alteration/sewing talents. The seam ripper and I have a long standing relationship.

  4. I LOVE Ms KaeKae! So fashionable! Wish I could sew… 😦

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