Mammograms and Tripods!!

Hello blogland!! It’s a cold rainy nite here in Maryland!!

I had to go pick up films to take to the radiologist for my mammogram today at lunch. Since I was in that area I stopped at a Goodwill I rarely go to. Boy am I glad I did !!! JACKPOT!!!

I’ve been wanting a tripod to use with my camera so I can take pix of me in the outfits. I actually have a nice Panansonic Lumix digital camera-not that you could tell by the quality of my photos. I suck at picture-taking. I’ve decided to learn how to actually USE my camera properly.

Anyhow-back to the tripod. I decided it would be a help in photographing stuff. Lo and behold–what is sitting by the front door of the Goodwill but a tripod. FOR $10 !!!!!  It’s a REALLY nice one, too–excellent condition-adjustable legs. It’s a Belfont tripod- I checked it out online and evidently it’s a pretty good one. So–this weekend I’m gonna learn how to use it and my camera! Expect pictures of me in the outfits soon!!

I also got a brand new with tags black and white houndstooth plaid double-knit pencil skirt from Lane Bryant for $5 and two animal print cardigans for $3. One is a grey and black leopard and the other is a tan & black snake print with gold lurex running through it. Gotta do some minor alterations before I debut them! All of you fashion and style bloggers have opened my eyes to clothes I would have NEVER considered before!!

Oh yeah, the mammogram part. Evidently I need a brainagram because I showed up and discovered my appointment is TOMORROW! Menopause Mind for the win!

Strutting the catwalk:


Jeans: Tan denim Liz Claiborne via Catherine’s. These are getting too big!!!

Blouse: Cotton Print Dressbarn via Goodwill

Vest: CJ Banks via Goodwill. This was a short-sleeved sweater-one sleeve had a huge run in it so I removed them and made a vest.

Scarf via  Goodwill

Shoes: Brown leather Thom McCan loafers via Kmart

Jewels: Gold Hoops via Walmart, Gold Bangles via Walmart, Mosaic Pin-vintage and found in box of old junk at yard sale.

Well-I’m off to actually READ my camera’s instruction manual!!!

Have a great nite!




  1. Paula said:

    o glad you got a trippod! Now we can see you in full uniform!

    Guess what I just bought? A Lumix! Good, we can dish about the camera!

  2. Grace said:

    Brinagram. That is what I need, frankly. You are so funny.

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