Grey for a cold day

Hello!!!! A hearty thank you to all who visited from Visible Monday!!!

Today was brutally cold–like 25 degrees when we’ve been in the 50’s & 60’s. I decided to dress warm because my office temperature is a crap shoot. I’m either roasting or freezing. And when this menopausel woman is cold…it’s freaking COLD!!!


Jeans: Grey Denim Westernport brand via Goodwill

Shirt: Grey and cherry red embellished tee via Catherines

Sweater: Charcoal Grey knit via Goodwill

Shoes: Pewter Thom McCan loafers wsorn with tan trouser socks via Kmart—LOVE THESE!! SO comfortable!

Jewel: Earrings-Dressbarn clearance, Pin-I made it with stuff from Joann’s.

My office was of course a SAUNA and I was flashing big-time. No, not flashing my nekkid saggy lady parts like a perv…but HOT-FLASHING!!! Or power-surging if you prefer!

The sweater just didn’t work. The sleeves are kind of weird-very narrow making it hard to layer and not stretchy at all. Plus they fall in a funny spot. Since I only paid $5 for it, this is going in the re-fashion pile. I think I’m going to remove the sleeves and make it into a vest. It fits great otherwise and I like it’s sillohuette. Got nothing to lose.

Well…it’s almost time for me to settle down and enjoy slobbering over my TV Boyfriend Mark Harmon on NCIS. He has aged rather nicely, I must say!!!




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