And then there’s Maude

Hello!!!! Thought I’d pop my head up from the Christmas Undecorate-a-thon for a moment and post what I wore yesterday. The next couple of days are gonna involve mangy sweatpants and tshirts and no one needs to see that! Oh yeah, and juicer news. Yup–got me one for Christmas. It’s a BlacknDecker model–inexpensive and if I really like juicing I’ll upgrade. I tried it out today. I juiced a Granny Smith apple, cucumber, letttuce and some celery. It was a real prretty shade of green and kinda tasty, although bland. I think I’ll “kick t up a notch” with some ginger or other herbs.

Anyhow-everytime I wear this combo I’m reminded of “Maude”. For you children out there, “Maude” was a spin-off of “All in the Family/Archie Bunker” in the seventies. It starred the awesome Beatrice Athur as Maude. You might remember her as “Dorothy” on “Golden Girls”.  I’ve always loved Bea’s sense of style. She knew how to dress!  Both characters always looked unique yet classy.

Bea Arthur as "Maude"

Bea Arthur as "Dorothy"

Doing my best “Bea Arthur” impression down the catwalk:


Jean: Black Lee Rider Stretch Bootcuts via Walmart

Top: Jersey Purple and Black Tunic via clearence rack at DressBarn

Vest: Black knee-length sweater via Lane Bryant clearance for $4.99 last year! I wear this a lot!

Shoes: Black Predictions via Payless worn with black trouser socks. These are my go-to winter work shoes.

Jewels: Silver thick hoops via Walmart years ago, Crown pin from Joann’s crafts (found in the jewelry making dept.)

I’m participating in Visible Monday with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style  and Monday Mingle! Check all of these sylish ladies out!

Well-back to work. I’m almost done and I’m looking forward to NOT looking at Christmas stuff.  Gotta get the house cleaned so I can put out my winter/Snowman decoration. LOLOL Did I mention I have a bin of that??? I decorate for every holiday/season.

Flaking off……


  1. I love Maude – she’s always been one of my role model! Happy New Year and thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, Tamera!

  2. I love the name of your blog! Welcome to the blogosphere, and Happy New Year to you!

  3. Terri said:

    Tamera–I’m here from Visible Monday. You most definitely have Bea Arthur’s style down pat. Your adventures in juicing sound like a few from our house. Sometimes the most beautiful juices are NOT the most tasty.

  4. Donna said:

    Bea Arthur was great! You’ve recreated her style perfectly. If you like juicing and want to upgrade, consider a Breville. We have worn out several and this one is by far our favorite. Juicing is a good thing (to paraphrase Martha).

  5. Glamamom said:

    70’s never go out of style!

    Happy New Year!

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