Beating the Matchy-Matchy Monster

Hello!!!! I’ve been busy taking down all of the Christmas stuff (and believe me I have a metric TON of it) Just gotta undecorate the living room tree (400+ vintage and antique glass ornaments) and the dining room Santa tree (200+ santa ornaments) and undecorate outside and I’m DONE. I’m whupped tonite! I think I need an intervention-my christmas collection is getting almost hoard-like. Albeit a very organized and labeled in tubs hoard. My OCD tendencies come in handy at times.

Speaking of which….I’ve always struggled with being to matchy-matchy. The colors in my outfit had to match exactly or I freaked. I’ve been trying to break that. Yesterdays outfit was an example. It wasn’t matchy-matchy and I didn’t explode!!

Strolling down the catwalk in coordinating SHADES:


Jeans: Chocolate Liz Claiborne via Catherines. I told ya I had multiple colors!

Sweater: Capri blue Fine Gauge Mock turtle via Roamans. Another of my multiples.

Vest: Brown rib knit sweater vest via Goodwill

Shoes: Brown Predictions via Payless worn with brown trouser socks

Scarf: Brown, orange and aqua print via Goodwill

Jewels: Gold drop earrings via Walmart years ago, Gold pin via Goodwill

I was worried that the brown jeans weren’t an exact match but they blended great. My big freak-out was the blues didn’t match. Both are a turquoise-y color-but the blue in the scarf is more green then my sweater. The orange in the scarf really popped against the blue. Of course, utilizing my handy-dandy art degree (oh yeah, I have a BFA) orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel and enhance each other when put together.

I got several compliments on the outfit. I’ll definitely be a bit more adventurous in my color matching in the future.

Well, I need a Tylenol and heating pad. I lugged 10 tubs to the basement tonite and I’m paying for it now!!



1 comment
  1. Vanessa said:

    I like this red scarf. The print is very ornate!

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