Back to the Salt Mines

Hello!!! Rejoined the world of work yesterday. Got my office cleaned and organized in peace and quiet. It’s like a morgue here–so many are out for the holidays.

Speaking of work, I guess I should fill y’all in on what I do. I’m a Project Engineer for the Department of Public Works on an Army base. Essentially I do design work for renovations/remodels for the buildings, facilities, repairs ,maintenance etc. The dress code is casual Friday with some restrictions (no jogging suits, shorts, etc.) If I showed up in a suit or dress the guys would faint if they’d  even notice-engineers aren’t universally known for their fashion sense. Heck, some of them can’t button their shirts correctly. We have one who often wears his sweaters inside out and backwards and is TOTALLY CLUELESS when you point it out.

Since I’m casting pearl before swine here I dress to please me.  I wear dress pants and spiff up if I know I’m meeting with a colonel or general. Otherwise it’s jean-a-rama (at least in the winter)

Slinking down the catwalk while organizing my office:


Jean-Liz Claiborne via Catherines. LOVE THESE–great fit and colors.

Blouse-DressBarn (on clearance) worn over a black cami from Lane Bryant

Sweater Vest- Goodwill

Shoes-both pairs Comfortview via Roamans. I wound up wearing the olive green bow ballet flats because it was pouring rain.

Jewels- Owl Earrings and brass bangles via Goodwill

This is one of my fav tops. I love the smocking on the neckline and the bottom. I have three pair of the Liz jeans. I have so much trouble finding pants that fit that when I do I scoop them up in every color. I happen to be an “apple”-no butt, big gut, skinny legs. Addd to that I’m also very short-waisted and have trouble finding pants that the waist band isn’t in my armpits or the crotch around my knees. I can’t do petites because my legs are really long (I’m 5’4 and take a 30″ inseam) I’m a freak to dress!!

Ah well, off to open and play with the juicer I got for Christmas!!!




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