My first daily outfit post!!!

Hello!!! This is a momentous occaision!! My first post featuring ME in the picture!!!

This is what I was sporting down the catwalk on Christmas. Well, actually the second outfit down the runway. It seems that the ensemble I had planned out and wore to church turned into a disaster. There isn’t any photographic evidence to incriminate me!!

I had found this gorgeous red tartan wool fabric at the thrift store. I made a cute flarted knee-length skirt. I planned to wear it with my black flat knit mock-turtlenec pullover sweater, black knee high boots, black tights and a scarf.

WELL…..I’ve lost a bit of weight since I made the skirt and it was too big, so I pinned the waistband to keep it up. Evidently the wool is real (as opposed to polyester fake wool) Even with tights, slip and tshirt under it–I itched like a bear up a fuzzy tree! It came OFF as soon as we got home and I changed into something more comfortable. Oh well….

Here’s Christmas Outfit take 2:


Excuse the fuzziness of the photo-My hubster took the picture–the string dangling from my butt is actually a cat-toy hanging on the door knob!


Jeans: Lee Riders Stretch Bootcut via Walmart (I LOVE these–great fit and style)

Blouse: White cotton pintuck striped Dressbarn via Goodwill.

Vest: Black sweater knit-Dressbarn last year

Shoes: Thom McCan black leather buckle loafers via KMart worn with tan trouser socks.

Scarf: Vintage Thrifted Silk Christmas Print

Jewels: Thrifted Vintage Lamplight Pin, Bow and Bell earrings I got at Woolworths about 25 years ago!

Everybody liked the outfit-especially the scarf. I was comfortable and looked pulled-together yet casual. I hadn’t worn the blouse in a while and now I’m wondering why? It was cute and versatile.

The plaid skirt is in the giveaway bag. The outfit looked really CUTE, too. (I wore the scarf and jewelry above with it) I’m sensitive to real wool and try to avoid it.

I’m challenging myself to try to shake stuff up in 2012 wardrobe -wise!



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